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Canon EOS R3

Canon EOS R3 Manual - Competition for mirrorless cameras in the high-end segment will get hotter. It all started with the launch of the Sony A1 earlier in the year, and last month Nikon responded by announcing work on its most advanced mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 9. Now, Canon doesn't seem to be outdone.

In a press release, Canon announced that they are busy developing the EOS R3, its newest mirrorless camera that features a full-frame sensor. Not just any full-frame, but adopting a stacked model to drastically improve performance.

Thanks to this new sensor, the EOS R3 is claimed to be able to shoot continuously at 30 fps (using the electronic shutter), complete with AF/AE tracking and minimal rolling shutter. Yes, the numbers are the same as those recorded by the Sony A1, that these two cameras compete directly in the market.

Canon did not forget to visit that this is their first time using a stacked type sensor. At the same time, Dual Pixel AF technology will be the flagship on the EOS R3, with even better detectability thanks to the use of deep learning-based algorithms. The EOS R3 is also said to be Canon's first digital camera to offer the Eye Control AF feature.

discussion, details about the EOS R3 are still relatively minimal. Physically, this camera will adopt a dual-grip design as shown in the picture. The body structure has also been designed with air and dust resistance on par with that of the EOS 1D, which is none other than Canon's highest and most expensive DSLR camera.

So far, there is absolutely no information regarding when the Canon EOS R3 will be officially launched. If the advantages — very fast burst shooting performance and more nimble autofocus tracking — see this camera Canon should aim for sports photographers, and Canon may be releasing it close to the Tokyo Olympics at the end of July.

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