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Harman EZ-35

Harman EZ-35 Manual - In the world of analog cameras the Ilford brand is very popular with black and white film rolls. This Ilford film roll is produced by a manufacturer called Harman Technology. So, don't be surprised if the manufacturer is now launching an analog camera called the EZ-35.

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Adopting a compact compact camera design, the Harman EZ-35 brings a series of superior features in its class. First, this analog camera carries the concept of reusable or reusable. Not a disposable analog camera that is only disposable like the previous Harman analog cameras.

The reusable concept means the EZ-35 is more environmentally friendly. This analog compact camera can also be attached with any 35mm film roll to hone creativity. One feature of the EZ-35 is the motor system support. This motor system includes the function of preparing the film roll to roll the film roll. That way it will be easier for novice users who have never used an analog camera before.

Another convenience, this camera carries a 31mm lens with an aperture of f / 11. The lens also carries a fixed focus. So, users no longer need to bother doing focus searches before taking pictures. There is also a viewfinder, support for camera shutter speeds of up to 1/100 second, and an integrated flash for shooting in dim conditions.

Harman EZ-35 is available via the harmantechnology.com website. The price for the Harman EZ-35 is US $ 54. Interested?

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