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ATOM 2 Manual - Smartphone dreadlocks with folding concept has now become a trend. Quite reasonable considering with the concept of folding dreadlocks smartphones can be more compact and easy to carry around. Continuing the success of its inaugural folding smartphone dreadlocks, ATOM, Snoppa Technology has now announced ATOM 2.

Snoppa Atom 2 comes with a very compact design. In the folded position the height is only about 164 mm with a width of about 59mm. Its weight is also very light only 280 grams. So, it can easily get into a bag or pants pocket.

One excellent feature of ATOM 2 is its ability to open and fold automatically. ATOM 2 is the world's first folding smartphone dreadlocks to feature this. ATOM 2 also features an infrared sensor in the clamp of the smartphone. This sensor can detect whether the smartphone is installed or not. If the sensor is installed, it will activate the dreadlocks motor immediately and is ready to use. With all its automatic features, the SETUP ATOM 2 will be relatively shorter than any dreadlocks.

To stabilize shooting ATOM 2 relies on 3-axis stabilizing technology such as smartphone dreadlocks in general. For other features, ATOM 2 has carried the tripod leg feature, an extendable arm section such as a selfie stick, and can be used in vertical or horizontal positions.

In addition, ATOM 2 is also supported by a companion application with a variety of shooting modes from photos, panoramas, videos, beauty, timelapse, slow motion to automatic subject tracking support and gesture control supported by artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, for the battery ATOM 2 carries a 2500mAh battery that can be used for up to about 6 hours for a single rechargeable battery. ATOM 2 also became the first smartphone dreadlocks to support the fast refill feature. In just 40 minutes the battery can charge up to 80%.

ATOM 2 can now be pre-ordered through the kicstarter fundraising site. Atom 2 pre-order price US$69 from the normal price of US$99.

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