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Sony Xperia Pro Manual - The Xperia Pro was announced at the end of February 2020, along with its flagship Xperia 1 II. It took almost a year for his market debut.  In the U.S. market, this phone is priced - note - $2,499.99 excluding taxes. This is equivalent to PLN 9350, and in our part of the world, VAT should also be added to this amount. It gives a total of PLN 11,500. Cosmos.

Saying it's expensive means not saying anything. For this amount, you can buy a set consisting of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the price remains $200 for good headphones.

Sony Xperia Pro User Manual :

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In recent years, the term "pro" has become unappreciated, meaning more or less "a little better than basically". However, Sony uses it fairly, actually targeting a small group of professionals.

The Xperia Pro is based on the flagship Xperia 1 II from last year, but Sony has made modifications that make it its only phone. Talk about:

  • AN HDMI port that lets you connect your phone to a camera or camcorder and capture images in real time;
  • Antenna wave 5G mm 360 degrees, consists of elements located on all edges of the container;
  • the casing uses graphite sheets, steam room and air gaps for efficient heat dissing.

Sony Xperia Pro, when connected to a camera, allows transmission of high-resolution images over a 5G network. With interruptions and delays reduced to a minimum.

In other words - we're talking about phones, which are pocket alternatives to heavy equipment , and even whole transmission vehicles, which are used, for example, during sports matches. Looking at the problem in this context, a few thousand zloty is no longer scary.

The whole idea of this smartphone is to use millimeter waves effectively as part of the 5G network. In Poland, high frequency bands have not been used and will not be used immediately. Therefore, with us, the Xperia Pro will not exist.

However, there is a good chance that the idea will be popular and in the future, smartphones such as the Xperia Pro will be willing to be used by TV stations and Internet channels around the world.

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