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Apple Airpods Max Manual - Apple's first wireless headphones with noise cancelling or noise cancelling feature put the luxury of sound and price first.

Quoted from The Guardian on Tuesday (12/22/2020), The AirPods Max is marketed at £549 in the UK and US$549 in the US and is Apple's most expensive line of headphones including £159 AirPods, £249 AirPods Pro and sets from Beats brands such as £270 Solo Pro and £300 Studio 3 Wireless.

They share the name AirPods but Max is a completely different type, designed to beat market leaders Bose and Sony in premium noise-amming games.

Apple Airpods Max Manual :

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The Max produces a fantastic kind of sound, joining a rare group of B&W PX7s and Sony WH-1000XM4 that sound so good that you'll be able to hear new elements on outdated tracks. Each tone is very balanced but not flat, with a pleasant, full sound, and is rated good and good for any volume.

Max has an active noise canceller, which uses a microphone to detect unwanted incoming sounds and generates anti-noise to cancel them before hitting your eardrum.

They also have a class-leading transparency mode that lets you hear the world around you, almost as if you're not wearing headphones. However, they make more noise than competitors with people sitting across the room able to figure out what happens in the movie's soundtrack when turned on loud.

Max lasts for about 20 hours with active noise-activity or longer than that. It takes about two hours to fully recharge Max using a USB power adapter of 5W or greater.

These headphones don't have a power button, will go into standby when removed or attached to your neck for a few minutes, but only die when inserted into the case.

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