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Samsung Galaxy A02s

Samsung Galaxy A02s Manual - Samsung has announced the price of the Galaxy A12. The device will cost 179 euros. The less complete Galaxy A02s came out at 150 euros. Smartphones will be on sale starting in January and in this article we list the most important information.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 and A02s were announced in late November and will appear in the Netherlands on Jan. Samsung did not announce at the time how much the smartphone would cost. Android Planet found that the A12 would cost 179 euros and the A02s had a retail price of 150 euros. Samsung confirmed the price. The Galaxy A12 has 64GB of storage memory as standard. A model with 128GB of memory will cost 199 euros. The Galaxy A02s only comes out with 32GB of memory.

The first store (web) has started accepting orders in advance for smartphones. Belsimpel promised to deliver the Galaxy A12 in two weeks. The Galaxy A02s can also be ordered, but without a specific delivery date. Devices can be purchased separately or combined with a subscription (SIM only).

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Both budget smartphones have a large 5000 mAh battery, charge with 15 Watts and have a 6.5-inch screen. The display has HD resolution, so the image doesn't look as sharp as a razor blade, but the battery is more durable.

There are also differences. For example, only the Galaxy A12 has a fingerprint scanner, more memory (4GB versus 3GB), and more cameras. There are four camera lenses on the back, while in the A02s there are three. Selfie cameras are also different. Smartphones are still running on Android 10 and should therefore get an update to Android 11 , which has been out for months.

With a suggested retail price of 179 euros, the Galaxy A12 competes not only with smartphones from other brands, but also with other Samsung models. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A31 separately costs 189 euros and you pay 199 euros for a separate Samsung Galaxy A41. The Galaxy A02s is an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy M11 and Galaxy A20e for 150 euros.

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