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Samsung Galaxy M21s Manual - Samsung officially presents the Galaxy M21s smartphone, which is a slightly better version of the Samsung Galaxy M21 available in Poland. What have Koreans improved?

Samsung Galaxy M21s Manual

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Samsung Galaxy M21s debuted in Brazil as a new variant of the galaxy M21's growing popularity. We don't know if the eska version will hit our page, but if so, we can only enjoy it.

The Galaxy M21 enhances what can be improved, namely the camera. Other Galaxy M21 specs are identical to the Galaxy M21 parameters and it's hard to blame Samsung - the Galaxy M21 quickly became one of the most profitable media on the market.

The Galaxy M21s has a better camera. Simplified versions have the potential to repeat this success, but need to be deployed outside Brazil. What changes have been made to mobile optical kits?

The main camera resolution was raised from 48 to 64 MP and used a 32 megapixel selfie camera instead of a 20 MP eye. And that's it? Yes, because the rest of the specifications don't require any meaningful changes.

Samsung can indeed replace those processors, as the Exynos 9611 is not a very fast unit, but will probably result in a much higher price. Power during daily tasks will be acceptable, and for the record, I will add that smartphones are available in Brazil in 4/64 GB version.

The advantage of the Galaxy M21s and M21 is the 6000 mAh battery, which makes two business days with one charge as standard. The medium can also boast a Super AMOLED display with a fantastic Full HD+ high resolution at this price.

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