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Zeiss ZX1
When it comes to Zeiss, the company is well known for its professional camera lenses. Very rarely do they create a complete camera for photo and videography lovers.

Recently, they surprised his fans by introducing a new camera. This time, they introduced a compact Full Frame camera named Zeiss ZX1.

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The most interesting thing is that this camera is not a regular camera. Zeiss uses an Android-based platform for this camera. So, it's like a smartphone with a Full Frame camera on the back.

Wccftech (6/10) reported that in the ad videos they have recently provided little information about the camera. The lens used in this device is a 35mm Distagon f/2.0 fix lens.

As for sensors, the Zeiss ZX1 will use a 37.4 MP full-frame sensor.  The display measures 4.3 inches at 720p and has 512GB of SSD storage. It also supports 4K recording, and shooting only 3 frames per second.

The most interesting thing is that in this camera, you will already get Adobe Lightroom. So, users can directly edit the photos they take directly from the camera.

About the price, zeiss zx1 is rumored to sell for USD6000. Unfortunately, until now it is still unknown when this camera will be sold en mass.

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