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Nikon Z7 II

Nikon re-introduced their latest full-frame mirrorless line, the z6 II and z7 II, which performed better and faster. This latest camera is equipped with better autofocus performance and is equipped with a secondary memory card slot.


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The second-generation Nikon mirrorless is mostly similar to the Z6 and Z7, using the same sensors and without outside design updates. The electronic viewfinder and angle LCD cannot be rotated forward-facing for unchanged vlogging unchanged in both models.

Professionals will appreciate one new addition when they open the memory card door. Nikon has edified uhs-II SD card slots that join the only XQD/CFexpress slots from before.

So, if you want to immediately back up for user shots and videos. Another change is inside, now the second Expeed 6 processor in each camera, the user has a dual processor.

Reported from The Verge page, Nikon to improve their continuous shooting capabilities. The 24.5 megapixel Z6 II can reach 14 frames per second, while the 45.7 megapixel Z7 II is now at the top of 10fps.

4K video recording at 60fps has been added to the Z6 II and Z7 II, but only the latter will offer it at launch. Nikon said a firmware update in February 2021 will bring this feature to the Z6 II. On the Z7 II, you'll get 1.08x off when recording 4K60.

Nikon also improves autofocus, automatic focus face and eye detector Nikon can now use in wide area AF mode.

Both new cameras are also better at achieving focus in low light conditions. Nikon has also made usability improvements such as allowing firmware updates through the Snapbridge mobile app.

Nikon will sell the Z6 II camera next November for $2000 for the body only, while the Z7 II will follow Desmber for $3000 for body parts only.

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