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LG K52
Lately LG has been in the spotlight thanks to its Wing with a double-rotating screen (if you're curious to understand how it works, check out our testing), but in the meantime LG is also thinking of a mid-low market range with more traditional products. And this is the case with the K52 and K62, two new devices that will arrive in Europe soon, starting from mid-October.

It should be two twin smartphones, with identical designs and very similar hardware characteristics. It starts with a large 6.6-inch LCD screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, interspersed by holes for the front camera, and surrounded by a thin frame (with a slightly more prominent "chin"). If the K62 is equipped with a 28 MP selfie camera, the K52 will have a 13 MP camera.

Another difference between the two lies beneath the body: the processor is not yet known, but if the K62 will come with 128 GB of internal storage, then the K52 will stop at 64 GB (in any case it can be expanded via a microSD card). Identical, however, the amount of RAM: 4 GB, and the battery of 4,000 mAh.

The rear camera has four, covered in rectangular modules, and the same for both models: the main sensor is 48 MP, the width angle is 5 MP (115°) and the two sensors are 2 MP - one depth, and one for macro shots. The camera app also allows you to instantly start streaming YouTube.

In short, so far it is the identity of two common devices: but even in this case LG may not let go of a touch of originality. The K52 and K62, looking like the latest K42, are likely to have a certain rear body (although from the early renderings of the month do not appear clearly). This should be a certain opaque and anti-fingerprint layer: we'll then see if it will also be bumpy as in the K42 (reminiscent of the Google PixelBook Go), or it will have a more conventional look.

In addition, both models have received MIL-STD-810G military certification, stating their extreme temperature, vibration and humidity resistance. The smartphone will be available in three colors: blue, white and red.

Just like the K42, there is still no information about the price: however, these are two devices that LG places in its economical product line equivalent to the K71, a smartphone with a newly announced pen tip.

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