LG K42 User Manual

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LG K42
LG is introducing two new phones that intermediaries must arrive in Brazil in the future: the K42 and K71. The smartphone includes a 4,000 mAh battery and MediaTek chips from the Helio line, in addition to the Android 10 system.

Below, you can see highlights of the new model from the South Korean brand.

When some companies announced their smartphones with a lot of fan excitement and then marketed them, LG quietly brought in a new K42. According to media reports, LG has now released a new entry-level phone in the Dominican Republic without good communication.

The official info page with details about this device is already online. The screen is 6.6 inches and offers a front camera with only 8 megapixels (MP). There are also some other highlights in built-in technology.

The screen is surrounded by a relatively thick frame. The unusual opposite side is interesting: not smooth, but like a wave. Will it give you a better handle? The surface is equipped with a UV coating.

The quadruple camera on the back doesn't tear trees: the main lens only offers 13 megapixels, and ultra-wide-angle, macro and depth sensors are also installed. LG uses MediaTek Helio P22 for its processor, the main memory (RAM) is rather small which is 3 gigabytes, as is the internal memory of 64 gigabytes. After all: batteries with 4,000 milliampere hours (mAh) can easily get through the day with such equipment.

Mobile internet connection via 5G is not possible. LG has not communicated its price on its official website, however, with initial level equipment, this may be between 150 and 180 euros. It is not yet clear whether the LG K42 will also be launched in Germany.

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