Canon Powershot Zoom User Manual PDF

Canon Powershot Zoom User Manual PDF / User Guide Download Available Soon
Canon Powershot Zoom
(Image credit: Canon)
Increasingly sophisticated smartphone cameras can't be disputed by the pocket camera market. That's why Canon is trying to innovate a unique compact camera called PowerShoot Zoom.

Canon PowerShoot Zoom is different from most compact cameras. The camera adopts a monocular binocular design. So, in Canon PowerShoot Zoom users will not find the LCD screen like a compact camera in general. The dimensions are also very compact and lightweight, and can even easily get into the pants pocket.

According to Canon, PowerShoot Zoom prioritizes ease of use. This camera is specially designed to be used with one hand. The buttons he brings are also not much. At the top are three: Zoom, Power and menus. Meanwhile, at the bottom there is a button to select Photo and Video modes.

For its sensors it carries a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor that is 12.1 megapixels high. The sensor is also supported by the Canon DIGIC 8 processor. This way it is capable of recording video up to Full HD resolution.

Right in front of the sensor, Canon installed a lens with zoom capability. The lens can offer a focal distance of 100-400mm. If less passing digital zoom feature can still be expanded 2x to 800mm.

To see all the photos from this camera users can see them through the app on their smartphone. Another feature, this unique camera is also supported by stabilizer features, face detection autofocus capabilities, microSDXC slots, and USB-C ports.

Canon PowerShoot Zoom is currently only available exclusively for the Japanese market. The selling price of Canon PowerShoot Zoom is in the range of US$300. There is no official info yet on when it will be available on the global market.

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