TCL 10 TabMid User Manual PDF

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TCL 10 TabMid
TABMID is a more compact option designed to be held comfortably with one hand, weighing 325 grams and 8.5 millimeters thick. The dimensions are characterized by an 8-inch screen with IPS technology and prominent frames, with blue light reduction and read mode so that the content is black and white like an eBook.

TCL 10 TABMID, as the name suggests, this is a smaller tablet, with an 8 inch FHD 1200×1290, combining the same NXTPAPER technology with TABMAX. The front camera moves to 5MP and the main camera moves to 8MP.

Docking capacity is certainly an advantage of this model, with the Snapdragon 665 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with a possible expansion of up to 256GB. If connectivity is important to you, TABMID also includes 4G connectivity so you can connect to the network at any time.

It strives to be a valid device to meet entertainment needs at home or anywhere, it has a Snapdragon 665 processor with 4G RAM and an audio system with two microphones. It has WiFi and 4G connectivity, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 and a 3.5 mm jack.

Integrated battery with a capacity of 5,500 mAh, with fast charging 18W and could possibly serve as a power bank for other devices. In addition, it has a front camera and rear camera, each with 5 and 8 megapixel sensors.

This very attractive and balanced tablet, which also has a very good finish, is available between late 2020 and early 2021. TABMID will cost €249.

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