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Huawei is one of the largest manufacturers of technology devices in China. Its presence in the industry has also been going on for quite a while since 1987. This makes Huawei continue to make the latest innovations presented in its latest products. This time Huawei officially released a new TWS earphone device, Huawei FreeBuds Pro on Thursday (10/9), Chinese time.

The presence of this latest device is not too surprising for fans of technology products. Since last August, the leaking account has @rquandt mentioned the presence of FreeBuds Pro. At the time, however, Roland Quandt only released an image showing the shape of the device. Speaking of displays, Huawei FreeBuds Pro comes with a fairly wide earphone bar shape with swooping earphone case embedding like AirPods Pro.

The design reflects a more sporty and trendy device design for its users. The weight of this TWS device is known to be 6.1 grams with the embedding of three silicone size ear-tips that are adjusted to the size of the user's earhole. The company also embeds three color options: Ceramic White, Carbon Black, and Silver Frost.

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Moving on, Huawei FreeBuds Pro has three microphones with sensitivity that have been improved from previous generations. There is also an 11mm super-magnetic steady-state dynamic coil that can dynamically detect according to the ear canal.

That way, latency when playing games can be lower. According to Huawei's laboratory data, the latency reached 180ms, quoted from Gizchina. Another capability embedded in this TWS device is Dynamic Reduction Technology. This name is a little foreign because TWS devices usually feature Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC).

Dynamic Reduction Technology is claimed by Huawei as the first technology embedded in wireless earphone devices. Its function is actually the same as the ANC, but Dynamic Reduction is said to be better at identifying and assessing external sound environments. The technology can also automatically recognize and learn the status of its users.

With Dynamic Reduction, FreeBuds Pro can run in three noise reduction modes that are light, balanced, and deep. Support of an amplitude of 0.6mm on the device can also increase the noise reduction effect by up to 40dB.

From Gizchina, Huawei FreeBuds Pro is said to be used for 4 hours and plays music for up to 7 hours with full battery condition. But if Dynamic Reduction is turned on, the device can only be used for 3.5 hours of pelvis and 4.5 hours of music.

However, the presence of charging cases is claimed to make the device use for up to 30 hours. The charging case already supports fast-charging technology that is claimed to be able to charge about 30 (cable) cables and 18 percent (without cables) in just 10 minutes.

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