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Fitbit Sense
The brand known for its range of wearable products that prioritize health features, Fitbit, announced the presence of Sense, a new smartwatch that is also rated as the most advanced fitbit has ever launched so far. What kind of advantages does Fitbit Sense offer?

As a flagship class product, Fitbit Sense is equipped with a variety of advanced hardware and features that certainly remain focused around health. One of them is the Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor which is useful for monitoring the stress levels of its users. The way it works is simple. Simply place your palm on top of the screen, then the EDA Scan app will measure stress levels through sweat.

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Fitbit Sense is also equipped with an ECG sensor (electrocardiogram) for signs of heart rhythm disorders. There is also a Skin Temperature sensor that as the name suggests can detect the initial symptoms of fever as well as the monthly cycle in women. Not to be out, Fitbit immerses the SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

Not just a health monitor feature, Fitbit Sense is armed with more features like GPS and exercise mode with more than 20 types of exercise. The smartwatch has built-in speakers and a microphone to make it easier to communicate with others or with digital assistants like Google Assistant.

Fitbit Sense has a Gorilla Glass 3 protected AMOLED display and is equipped with Always-On mode. The battery is claimed to last more than 6 days. With the fast charging feature, users are promised only 12 minutes of charging to get a full day of battery life.

The smartwatch with a waterproof body up to a depth of 50 meters is planned to begin distribution in September 2020. For those interested, Fitbit Sense sells for US$330.

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