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Fitbit Inspire 2
Fitbit introduced the Inspire 2, a continuation of the fitness tracker of the same name that Fitbit brought to Indonesia last year. Inspire 2 is priced at just $100, perfect for those who just want to start a healthier lifestyle. More interestingly, Inspire 2 comes with free access to the Fitbit Premium service for 1 year.

The question is, what updates does Inspire 2 bring that are absent in Inspire or Inspire HR? The most significant is probably its OLED display, which is now a touchscreen. Despite its cursory appearance, the touchscreen presence on inspire 2 is certainly a significant upgrade compared to button-based navigation.

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Another update is the Active Zone Minutes feature, which was previously only available on more expensive devices, including the Versa 3 and Sense. Active Zone Minutes is simply a new metric that can better describe a user's physical achievements on a daily basis.

Sleep tracking and heart-rate monitoring for 24 hours nonstop are two of inspire 2's other flagship features. The device is also equipped with a very durable battery, which is believed to be able to accompany the user for up to 10 days at a time.

The device offers 24/7 heart rate tracking, has more than 20 exercise modes, guided breathing, and women's health tracking.

The device can also bring up notifications on the screen.

For Android users can use this smart fitness bracelet to send a quick reply without having to pick up their phone.

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