Feiyu VLOG Pocket 2 User Manual (PDF)

Feiyu VLOG Pocket 2 User Manual (PDF) / Guide Download
The VLOG pocket 2 has been on sale since September 2019 and is known as the lightest model among smartphone dreadlocks. Since the moving part of the 3-axis motor can be locked and folded as large as a pocket, it is very easy to carry and popular among women. "VLOG pocket 2" announced as a developed version has improved operation by expanding the range of movable angles and maximum rotary angles from 240 degrees to 323 degrees and changing from 3 buttons to 7 buttons. Four-way rotation operations are possible with additional joysticks, and a quick menu has also been added that allows you to easily select modes such as video, photos, panoramic shooting, and time-lapse shooting with joysticks.

Feiyu VLOG Pocket 2 Manual User Guide

Description Feiyu VLOG Pocket 2 Instruction Manual
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In addition, buttons to switch between photos and videos, continuous shooting, focus, etc. It's been added, so it's a great feature that you can operate with a single button without touching your smartphone.

By expanding the range of movable angles, low-angle shooting is made easier. On the first engine, it is troublesome to rotate from the front and make nice adjustments while pressing the trigger button, but in the evolutionary version "VLOG pocket 2", it is possible to rotate it from left or right (all modes follow). The reel axis automatically rotates the smartphone. Now you can shoot at a low angle without blocking your smartphone's lens.

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