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Feiyu Vimble One is perfect for friends who like photos, video recording and live broadcasts, as it is easy to operate and has complete functionality. Unlike the three-axis gimbal stabilizer, Feiyu Vimble One leans more towards the public People recording their lives and sharing daily use. Although the three-axis dreadlock stabilizer is strong, it is too professional. If you want to upgrade a selfie stick or want a stabilizer to record your life, then Vimble One deserves to be your choice, as it leans more towards popular life, and is cheaper than a three-axis stabilizer.

Feiyu Vimble One Manual User Guide

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Feiyu Vimble One has delivered 1/4 tripod, so the Vimble One can be placed on any desktop surface for shooting, and also provides a stable tripod for broadcast-like friends. Hours of battery life can meet the needs of most of our population.

Vimble One supports the phone's original camera, one-click switching between horizontal and vertical screens, front and rear cameras, and Vimble One also provides two shooting modes. You can switch between horizontal lock mode and follow-up mode by clicking the M button. In horizontal lock mode, the handle will switch Remove left and right shocks, keep the phone horizontal, let's record a smooth video, and in follow mode, the phone will move with the handle and become a selfie stick.

The size and look of the Feiyu Vimble One is not much different from a traditional selfie stick. The folded and saved size is similar to the size of the iPhone SE2. It can be held with one hand and is very comfortable to carry.

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