Fairphone 3+ User Manual

Fairphone 3+ User Manual PDF / Guide Available soon
Fairphone 3+
Fairphone is a kind of UFO in the mobile industry, with companies busy building eco-friendly smartphones. Therefore, he prefers recycled materials, and shows that they observe his supply chain closely. Ecological phone manufacturing also requires slower range updates, while some manufacturers only allow a life span of 6 months to a year for most of their models. But Fairphone slightly rocked the usual schedule by presenting Fairphone 3+, the successor to Fairphone 3 presented in 2019.

And the phone didn't revolutionize the genre because Fairphone 3+ is more interesting in terms of photography. Thus embedding a 48 Mpx back-end sensor, while the Fairphone 3 is filled with a 12 Mpx module. In front, we also switched from 8 to 16 Mpx. Good news: this photo module is compatible with older models "which allows current Fairphone 3 owners to upgrade their existing phones without having to change them" . The company states that Fairphone 3 users can upgrade their devices for €70 until the end of September and €94.90 starting October 1, 2020.

The terminal, made of 40% recycled plastic, offers a Full HD + 5.7-inch LCD display, in 18:9 format, and is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. Don't expect a frameless screen and stylish notch. today's phones, not brand DNA that relies on practical and modular aspects. Fairphone 3+ also embeds snapdragon 632 SoC associated with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of upgradeable internal memory with microSD, or a 3,040 mAh removable battery. Installed under Android 10, it has a fingerprint reader, headphone output, and USB-C port.

It should also be noted that Fairphone inserts a screwdriver into the box that allows you to disassemble the phone yourself. However, there is no USB charger, USB-C cable, and headphones, which can be purchased separately. The manufacturer plans the first shipment on September 14, and the Fairphone 3+ will be marketed for €469.

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