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Ezviz C3N
Ezviz C3N Manual - Ezviz has presented the latest CCTV cameras or home security cameras called Ezviz C3N. This camera is intended as CCTV that can improve the security outside the homes of its users.

Like other Ezviz security cameras, the C3N can connect to smartphones that have been paired with the Ezviz app. Users can keep an eye on the house in real-time even if they are not at home.

The Ezviz C3N is equipped with a base that makes it easy to mount to walls or ceilings. The camera has a rotating shaft up to 360 degrees to cover a wide surveillance point.

Ezviz C3N User Manuals Guide (PDF)

Description Ezviz C3N Camera - User Manual
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DescriptionEzviz C3N Camera - User Manual
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The Ezviz C3N CCTV camera has sensors that allow it to better detect and record video with a maximum resolution of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

In addition, the camera also has a wide range of views to monitor the outdoors to stay safe.

This capability is thanks to a 1/2.7-inch CMOS progressive scanning sensor combined with a 2.8mm lens with a horizontal angle of view of up to 104 degrees.

Armed with a microSD slot, users can store home security footage videos up to 256GB in size. The capacity is quite large, especially the Ezviz C3N is equipped with h.265 codecs that produce videos with small file sizes.

There are a number of features that Ezviz embeds on C3N security cameras. One of them is an integrated spotlight and infrared light that makes it easy for users to see their outdoor conditions in a variety of conditions, including night.

Because Ezviz C3N is equipped with night vision or night vision features with three different modes. Black and white night vision mode when the user does not need additional light.

Then, color night vision mode and smart night vision mode that will automatically detect when there is human movement. For color night vision only, the camera can provide automatically recorded warning videos.

Ezviz C3N has an Al-based smart alarm to help detect objects in real-time. This smart alarm will alert the user when someone enters the user's home or territory.

Because it is tasked to secure the user's outdoors, the camera should also have good durability. Luckily, C3N already holds an IP67 certificate which means dust and water-resistant.

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