Canon IVY CLIQ 2 User Manual

Canon IVY CLIQ 2 User Manual / Guide PDF Available
IVY CLIQ 2 Manual - Canon has announced a new pair of IVY CLIQ series instant printer cameras, IVY CLIQ +2 and IVY CLIQ 2. Like the iNSPiC S and C, both cameras feature built-in printers that can produce 3×2-inch prints.

Well interestingly the printed photo can be used as a sticker where the backside can be twisted and we can attach it to smartphones, laptops, walls, and others. The borders can also be decorated before printing.

Canon IVY CLIQ2 Manual

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To its specifications, IVY CLIQ 2 features a 5MP camera and is equipped with an internal filter that can be accessed by the user in the camera. Meanwhile, for IVY CLIQ +2 it has an 8MP camera and is supported by the Canon Mini Print app which allows us to select the result of the photo and edit it before printing. Through the app, we can also print a collection of photos taken by smartphones.

To make it easier to compose during a selfie, they have a selfie mirror feature around the LED ring to make the face glowing. There are three photo modes selected: landscape, portrait, and selfie.

In the printing process, Canon uses ZING Zero Ink printing technology. So without ink cartridges but using heat to remove CMY dyes that are already embedded in the paper. According to Canon, 3×2-inch photo printing takes about 50 seconds.

The camera can hold ten sheets of paper at once and can print up to 25 prints at a time. Canon IVY CLIQ +2 prices will be priced at US$149, while IVY CLIQ2 sells for US$99. For the paper, a round sticker pack sells for US$12.99 and regular rectangular paper $9.99.

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