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Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
For the first time, Samsung introduced a tablet that already supports a 120Hz refresh rate via the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Samsung has just introduced two of their latest smartphones, namely the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. These two smartphones come with new innovations with very high capability.

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Apparently, in addition to announcing both devices, Samsung is also introducing their latest tablet lineup. This time, they introduced two tablets at a time, namely the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 +.

These two tablets will come with the same specs. Both will use the Exynos 990 processor for the global version, and use the Snapdragon 865 for the American market.

The thing that distinguishes these two tablets is the screen size used. The Galaxy Tab S7 will come with an 11-inch display with an IPS panel. As for the Galaxy S7 + will be present with a 12.4 inch display accompanied by an AMOLED panel and will support a 120Hz refresh rate.

The most interesting of these two tablets is the presence of multi-tasking support. This time, both tablets will be able to run three apps at once which will make the user experience better.

Not to be missed, the South Korean company also introduced a protective keyboard and cover, which also functioned as the home of the Galaxy S Pen. Inside this keyboard, users will also get a shortcut for Samsung Dex in order to facilitate the user when operating the device.

The price problem, for the Galaxy Tab S7+ will be appreciated starting from USD649. For Galaxy Tab S7 + will start to be appreciated USD 849. The two began to be pre-ordered on August 6 and will also be delivered on August 21.

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