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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live User Manual PDF / User Guide Available

Samsung is a technology product vendor that regularly launches new capabilities every year. It can be seen from the technology embedded in the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone that was released in February in San Francisco.

The flagship Smartphone successfully carries 100x zoom capability on a mobile camera. Furthermore, Samsung is known to develop several products outside of smartphones such as truewireless earphones (TWS).

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live User Manual :

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For you fans of Samsung's products may already be familiar with the name Galaxy Buds Plus. Yes, these TWS earphones were newly launched by the company some time ago.

Even for the series, Samsung is collaborating with one of South Korean vocal groups, BTS.

Nevertheless, it seems that the existence of the Galaxy Buds Plus was not the only one in 2020.

In the launch of the Android Authority, FCC certification has been found with the model number SM-R180.

As we know that some of the certificates submitted by Samsung are KERAPA times carrying code  "SM " in the front.

Therefore, a number of assumptions predict that the list is the code for the latest TWS earphones from Samsung.

For the naming, Digadang-gadang that this AIoT device will carry the Samsung Galaxy Buds X name.

There is something interesting from this unknown device.

Yes, the Galaxy Buds X is said to have quite a unique shape, where the TWS are present with a nut-like design.

The leak was also uploaded by one of the Twitter leakers @maxweinbach that uploaded a "Bean " caption.

Nevertheless, until now there is still not much leakage present for the new device.

At least the certification found by Android Authority signifies that the Galaxy Buds X will be consistent with the model number SM-R180.

The FCC also says that this device will run with a Bluetooth connection. Another prediction states that the Galaxy Buds X is likely to include music playback in it.

So it will make it usable without having to connect to your smartphone or watch. Nevertheless, the news is still limited to rumors. There is no official confirmation from the company regarding this latest AIoT device.

But it does not hurt if Samsung immediately gave a statement related to rumors. Because, on August 5, the second Unpacked event will be held. So do not close the possibility that the Galaxy Buds X will also be introduced in the event.

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