Microsoft Surface Duo User Manual PDF

Microsoft Surface Duo User Manual PDF / User Guide Available soon
Microsoft Surface Duo
The Microsoft Surface Duo that announced last October has appeared in a series of new rendering shared by reliable Leakster Evan Blass, reportedly GSMarena's page.

The image shows the smartphone closed and unlocked. The front Panel has a clean Microsoft logo, and when it opens, you can see the flash next to the camera in the top right corner, which is the latest addition.

Microsoft Surface Duo User Manual :

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The image also displays a Google Search widget on the first screen along with a date and time widget, with the dock at the bottom saving three apps-Microsoft Edge, OneNote, and Outlook.

While the ' dock ' on the second screen has the Google Phone, Messages, and Camera app, with a home screen that hosts Microsoft and third-party applications.

You can also see two folders, grouping Microsoft and Google apps, with the shortcuts below to open Edge and OneNote at the same time to take advantage of two screens.

This feature is reportedly called  "app groups ", which allows you to create frequently used pairs of apps simultaneously, so you can quickly open them at once.

Blass said this is an AT&T model, but we don't see any carrier brands on smartphones. At least not on the front panel.

Microsoft Surface Duo expected to arrive in July, but that's not the case.

However, Microsoft reportedly has invited his MVP to attend a virtual briefing for Surface Duo on August 12, which means the technology giant based in Redmond was able to release a foldable smartphone this month.

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