Ulefone Note 9P User Manual PDF

Ulefone Note 9P User Manual PDF / User Guide Available Download Soon
Ulefone Note 9P
Ulefone Note 9P has been officially presented and although we are not talking about high-end hardware here, it is worth taking an interest in this model. In this price range, it can be a really good choice if, of course, you don't have too much demand for your smartphone. What does a device have to offer and how much do I have to pay for it?

The Ulefone brand may not be particularly popular in our country, but somehow it has marked its presence there. It is not clear whether this particular model will appear in Poland, but among the languages supported by the system, polish can be found. The smartphone can already be ordered from the manufacturer's website, and it has been priced at $99.99. In direct terms, this gives about 376 zlotys. Even if the equipment would cost about 500 PLN in Poland, it would still be worth it. This is how its specification is presented.

There is nothing to cheat that the smartphone at this price, will introduce something innovative in its appearance. We can only say that the press renders look nice, but usually it is. So it's hard to judge how the parts are folded and whether nothing creaks or what the button jump is. Nevertheless, the equipment looks good. On the front there is a selfie camera, which was hidden in the screen indentation (a drop of water). There is still room for a miniJack connector on the top edge, so those using wired headphones should be satisfied.

On the cakes, on the other hand, there is a fingerprint reader, which is located centrally, although quite high. Probably after a few attempts to such a location you can get used to. In addition, there is a module with three lenses and an LED light. The smartphone itself will appear in three color variants – classic black and Aurora Blue and Midnight Green. So the choice is quite large.

There aren't too many things that stand out in this class. Here Ulefone has nothing to boast about. On the plus side, you can certainly count the fact that the hardware was placed immediately on Android 10, so if it goes well, it can even count on an update to the "eleven". Here, however, it can be different, because it is necessary to remember that we are talking about a manufacturer who feels good in the lower segment, and the updates of such equipment run differently. So you can hope, but it's going to end there. It is also difficult to say what all kinds of security patches will look like, which is also important.

In terms of cameras, the Ulefone Note 9P has nothing to boast about. Although there is a set of three lenses waiting on the back, the main eyelet is only 16 Mpix. F2.2 aperture also does not bode well, although in this case much will depend on the smartphone software itself. The upside is certainly a large display size. And while HD+ resolution can be seen on some content, it's still a surprisingly large workspace. It is also worth adding that the bezels around the display are quite small, so it also speaks for the plus hardware.

The 4500 mAh battery should be quietly enough for a day-two job, without having to charge the equipment.  Interestingly, you can use your smartphone as a portable powerbank, because it is equipped with the ability to charge other equipment. Such a nice addition. It is still worth adding that although the smartphone has a fingerprint reader, the front camera (8 Mpix) can also be used to unlock the device. Of course, the biggest plus of equipment, is its low price. What do you think of this model? Would he have a chance against devices from Xiaomi?

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