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Sony a7S III

Sony not long ago confirmed that the successor to the mirrorless Sony a7S II was named a7S III. Sony a7S III has arrived this summer with a massive increase in all aspects, including sensors. Reported by PetaPixel (6/7), there is a new report saying that it will offer the world's best electronic viewfinder (EVF) and a new cooling system.

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Evidence of the proclamation has obtained evidence and confirmed with a reliable source, with EVF resolution at a7S III is 9.4 million dots, as informed by Sonyalpharumors. The EVF's resolution is the highest so it will almost double the Canon R5-owned EVF with 5 million dots.

In comparison, the Sony a7S II currently has an EVF resolution with a resolution of 2.4 million dots. Thus, the successor will have a resolution of about 4 times higher. That is, users will be able to see much sharper details on Sony a7S III.

One of the Reddit XTJ7 users indicates that because the camera manufacturer calculates the number of ' dots ' or ' dot ' (e.g., red, green, blue subpixels) rather than the actual pixel, the original pixel count of the EVF a7S III would be 3,145,728 pixels with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Sony  a7S III would display the "latest cooling system" in order to avoid excessively high-temperature problems that hit Sony a7S II in the early-introduced. There were previously rumors stating that a7S III was likely to use a built-in cooling fan such as Panasonic S1H, but apparently, Sony chose to use a passive system to make it more silent.

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