Realme Buds Q Manual Guide

Realme Buds Q User Manual Guide
Realme Buds Q

1. Keep the headphone cover facing downward.
2. Put the headphones in the ear canal and rotate them left and right until the ear is comfortable.
Correct way to touch control

1. Please try to use a larger area of the fingertip area to click on the touch area.
2. Increase the strength of the fingertip click on the touch area to improve the success rate of touch identification.

Since 2020, Realme has begun expanding its sales to the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. It began to be seen with the advent of audio devices and smart watches that they launched. Right now, Realme is re-launching a tiny wireless Audio device. The device is a very realistic Buds Q.

In designing the Cobble form of Buds Q, Realme works with designer José Lévy, who is best known for his cooperation with the Hermès brand. The result was the first TWS which was designed like a new round cobbles which was quite petite.

The Realme Buds Q follows almost all the featured in the Buds Air. With this TWS (True Wireless Stereo), users can get low latency in order to play the game without any lag on sound. In addition, the user can also use the Voice command directly from TWS and speak to the Google Assistant.

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