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Moza Mini-S User Manual PDF / User guide
Moza Mini-S
The presence of dreadlocks devices is helpful for vlogger or YouTuber when creating video content. By using dreadlocks, although while recording a video should move here and there, but the results of the videos still look stable.

Moza Mini-S Manual :

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One of the most reputable gimbal device manufacturers, Gudsen, recently introduced the latest innovations in its dreads. At the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2019 in Las Vegas Americas, Gudsen introduced the latest Moza Mini-S which comes with a very compact and easy to use design.

Formerly Gudsen had released 3-axis dreadlocks for the world's first smartphone with wireless rechargeable battery capability. The 3-axis gimbal device for the smartphone has a rather large dimension that feels less compact when it's carried.

In this latest device dreadlocks Moza Mini-S, comes with a more compact design. This is because this latest device can be folded so in addition to more compact when it is carried on, it will also not take place when inserted into the bag.

But not only that is the advantage of Moza Mini-S dreadlocks. It turns out that this device can also be used as a use or selfie stick for photos/video selfies. The Moza Mini-S neck can be extended to about 18 inches.

In addition to its innovative form, the dreadlocks for smartphones also come with a series of features that make it easier for users to record video. Gudsen claimed, Moza Mini-S can be directly used with a fast-paced process of preparation.

To make it easier for users to record video, the Moza Mini-S section is embedded in a number of physical buttons for navigation and can be used in vertical or horizontal mode. Among them are object tracking modes, time-lapse, Vertigo Mode Zooming effect, Inception Mode to produce videos with play effects and much more.

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