Realme Watch INSTRUCTION FOR USE / User Guide
1. Turning on/off
- Long press the side button for 3 seconds to turn on your realme Watch.
- The realme Watch automatically turns off when the battery level is less than 3%.
*Note: Before using for the first time, make sure to charge the watch to activate it.
2. Setting up the Watch
- Downloading realme Link
- Download “realme Link” APP from Google Play store. Sign up to create your realme Link account and enter your basic information.
- Connecting the Watch
- Make sure Bluetooth of your mobile device is ON, open the “realme Link” APP and scan the device QR code displayed on realme watch. Or open “realme Link” APP, select realme Watch to scan device nearby or scan the QR code on the watch through the app, choose and connect to the desired realme Watch . Click confirm to pair realme watch.
- Synchronizing Data
- Data is generated during daily use of the watch. Synchronize the data of the watch with the app by connecting your smartphone to the watch.
Realme X50 Pro Player in China, Realme also held an event in India where they introduced a series of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices as well as accessories. One of the devices introduced and already awaited is Realme Watch, the smartwatch or the first smartwatch from Realme.

Despite being the first smartwatch, this was a second wearable device from Realme, having previously released the Realme Band a few months ago. Unlike a smartwatch with a Wear OS operating system that only lasts less than a week, Watch Realme is claimed to be usable for up to 20 days of usage. And of course, released at a very affordable price like other Realme accessories.

The smartwatch design itself reminds the two similar devices released first. The body part of the box has a circular angle resembling Pebble Time, while the strap or strap is very similar to the Apple Watch. The combination of the design makes this smartwatch look fresh and suitable for young people, the main market that Realme has to offer as a Tech Trendsetter.

The screen that the device has is 1.4 inches in size with a high enough resolution at 320 × 320 pixels, generating a density of up to 323ppi. The 2.5 D glass used is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, supports 10 levels of brightness up to 380 nits. When it was released early on, the Realme Watch will have 12 watch face options live, it can show time, weather, step count, heart rate as well as calories burned directly.

Watch the face can be chosen from the Link Realme app or from the Realme Watch, and Realme promises that they will present more than 100 new watch faces through the software update later on. This Smartwatch uses a homemade interface, with interesting features like the music Control & camera control. And of course, can show notifications from smartphones.

For its own health features, Realme Watch features a heart rate sensor capable of automatic detection throughout the day, SpO2 monitors to check blood sugar levels, sleep tracking and 14 sport modes. Yes, much more than the Realme Band, this smart watch device is capable of detecting sports activities such as bandminton to table tennis. With IP68 certification, the user needs no fear if the watch is exposed to water or dust.

The battery capacity does sound very small at 160 mAh. But Realme claims that if the Watch Realme lasts up to 7 days of use with a lighted heartbeat or 9 days feature if you don't use the feature. There is also a battery saving mode that can increase the duration much longer, up to 20 days. Oh yes, because using the Realme Link app as the main dial-up method, this new smartwatch can be used with an Android smartphone.

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