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LG k51s
Along with the variant K61, LG's mobile phone manufacturer also launched another model as an option for consumers, namely LG 51S. Which, the smartphone is reportedly going to carry the features and specs that are slightly lower or below from the LG K61.

LG K51S User Manual

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Description LG K51S User Manual (pdf)
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Meanwhile, the specs, design, and features in general are the same as his brother, K61. It's just that there are several different sectors that the phone has.

Nevertheless, LG K51S will be one of the most reliable smartphones to guarantee the needs of potential customers. It can be seen from the various components that are carried by this phone with the ability of the system work quite capable in mid-range class. This is certainly an interesting thing for us to comment on.

Not only that, there are also some reliable components and powerful features on this smartphone as a support for its performance. Of course, this will take part in our review of LG K51S this time.

With regards to the information about the advantages of this smartphone, it is undeniable that the LG K51S is known to have some excellent components even though the nozzle is in the mid-range segment. It can be traced to every sector the smartphone has built.

Call it the first one is from the physical display side, LG itself is known to have embedded a modern design concept with a 6.5-inch Full HD + visual display support to provide more quality visualization access.

Meanwhile, the LG K51S is also known to be equipped with some reliable parts of the race kitchen. Such as Octa Core 2.3 GHz processor and 3 GB RAM and Android 10 OS platform support.

Not only that, 4 main sensor rear camera 32 MP and single front camera 13 MP also become a feature of photography that was embedded in LG K51S This also will be the consideration of potential customers

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