LG Folder 2 User Manual (PDF)

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LG Folder 2
LG will soon bring a replacement of LG G Series, the product entry level tangible feature phone. However apparently the first skate is the folding phone LG Folder 2, a mobile phone for users with limited budget.

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The design of this phone is a feature phone with flip concept. The weight is not so big that is only 127gram. There is a 2.4-inch QVGA display on the inside, while on the outside there is a 0.9-inch secondary monochrome display.

The minimalist screen will display some notifications such as batteries, messages and phone calls. The keyboard used also still uses the physical form, which is the Alphabet keyboard design.

As for in the Jeroannya part, this LG folding phone Folder 2 uses the Snapdragon 210 from Qualcomm and is paired with 1GB of RAM.

On the back of the phone LG Folder 2 There is a Hot Key as SOS function. The user can make a call with a previously registered number, by pressing the key 3 times for 1.5 seconds.

For its connectivity, the phone has been equipped with 4GLTE technology. It is also supported with Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth. Battery capacity available is certainly not so big that is only 1470mAh.

LG sells this LG Folder 2 at a price of about 160 USD or equivalent to Rp 2 million. This price is certainly quite expensive for a simple phone.

Not just LG actually launched a product with a feature phone model like this. Even Nokia has also launched many reborn products from their old series. It's just that Nokia does not start selling the Rebornnya product at a high price.

Phones with old design also may still be interested, but certainly not much. Unless LG brings a new concept as a flagship smartphone like Samsung did via Galaxy Z Flip products.

Not just a folding phone, but the product appears as a smartphone with a completely collapsible screen.

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