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DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI Mavic Air 2
Two years after Mavic Air was released, DJI was now ready to launch its successor, Mavic Air 2. These folding drones carry a significant array of updates, particularly related to their photographic and videography capabilities.

DJI Mavic Air 2 User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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Physically, Mavic Air 2 was apparently slightly larger than its predecessor, but with a weight of 570 grams, it was still more succinct than Mavic 2. The good news, the innards Mavic Air 2 is much superior to the previous.

The Sensor is carried not just larger (1/2 inches), but also higher resolution (48 megapixels). Interestingly, this sensor is a Quad Bayer type that will by default take 12-megapixel images, just like in most recent smartphones.

The sensors come with an F/2.8 lens with a 84 ° angle of view, and all sit on top of the 3-axis dreadlocks as usual. Video affairs, Mavic Air 2 is ready to record in the maximum resolution of 4K 60 fps and bitrate 120 Mbps, or 1080p 240 fps when you want to create a slow-motion video.

Complementary features, such as shooting and video recording in HDR format, are also available. Similarly, the Hyperlapse feature supports a maximum resolution of 8K.

No less astonishing is the ability to broadcast Mavic Air 2. In one charge, Mavic Air 2 is able to fly up to 34 minutes nonstop, even longer than Mavic 2. DJI does not forget to equip Mavic Air 2 with a series of sensors on the front and back sides so that they can detect and avoid obstacles by themselves.

The sensors and the lights at the bottom are aimed at smoothing the landing process of Mavic Air 2, even in dark places. While broadcasting, Mavic Air 2 is able to forward video 1080p 30 fps from a distance of 10 kilometers. Compare it to its predecessor which only can forward 720p video from a distance of 4 kilometers.

Also new on Mavic Air 2 is its controller. There is no longer a pair of antennas that are stuck on the top, replaced by a flexible smartphone clamp. This new Controller is claimed to have longer battery life, able to function up to 4 hours in a single charge.

Smart features like ActiveTrack certainly remain there, and its latest version (ActiveTrack 3.0) in Mavic Air 2 is even more agile in locking focus on the subject. No less interesting is the Spotlight 2.0 feature inherited from DJI's professional drone line. Thanks to this feature, users can navigate Mavic Air 2 freely as long as the camera continues to lock focus on the selected subject.

Overall, DJI Mavic Air 2 was a very significant upgrade to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the official price is equal to: $799, or the Fly More bundle that includes 2 spare batteries, an ND filter and a number of other accessories for $988. Its marketing is scheduled to take place from mid May.

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