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Galaxy Buds+
Galaxy Buds plus
Along with the release of the latest flagship Galaxy S20 series as well as the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Electronics also brought the successor to from their wearables device, the Galaxy Buds which was released last year. Having a wide range of enhancements, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + is claimed to have longer battery life and more immersive sound output.

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If you've ordered the Samsung Galaxy S20 + or Galaxy S20 Ultra during the promo period 12-23 February 2020, the units you buy automatically will come with a Samsung Galaxy Buds +, free of charge.

Exteriors, there is hardly any noticeable difference between the Galaxy Buds and Buds +. The look is just the difference finishing, with the Galaxy Buds + adopting a shiny color, no more doff like its predecessor. No longer present in yellow, now the choice of colors other than black and white is blue. It is possible to be more aligned with the new color variant Galaxy S20 series.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + is now equipped with a two-way speaker system, with a separate tweeter and a woofer to deliver richer treble sound and a more powerful bass boom. In addition to audio enhancement, the Galaxy Buds + will also be more comfortable to use when calling. Each bud now has three microphones, one on the inner side and two on the outside, to dampen the background sound for smoother communication. And thanks to the addition of the microphone, Ambient Sound on the wearable device is also better, comes with four options ranging from low to extra high to keep you aware of the sound that is around.

And a considerable increase is worth the appreciation of the battery life sector. If the previous Galaxy Buds had a battery capacity of 58 & 252 mAh, the Galaxy Buds + increased with 85 & 270 mAh on the Buds and the charging case. In disposable, Buds + is capable of listening to music for up to 11 hours (or 7.5 hours of calling), and its charging case can add an 11-hour lifespan. You can easily charge via USB-C cable, wireless charger or Wireless PowerShare through the back of Samsung Galaxy S10, Note10, and S20 series. With quick charging, just need to charge 3 minutes to listen to music for 60 minutes.

Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Buds + will have three eartips along with the wingtip you can replace according to the size of the ears. The process of pairing and moving between devices can also be done easily.  You can easily control your music via touch gestures on the Galaxy Buds + body.

And for Spotify users, there will be special shortcuts to run music through the app and play a song recommendation tailored to the user's preferences. For iOS users, Samsung released a special app so that features like Ambient Sound can still run.

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