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Ulefone Armor X6
Ulefone Armor X6
The majority of the outdoor smartphones that have high durability are usually sold at a fairly expensive price range. If viewed, the price range of an outdoor smartphone that has high durability can be sold for flagship smartphones even though the specifications are not as high as flagship smartphones.

Ulefone Armor X6 Manual :

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But finally Ulefone dare to make a breakthrough by launching an outdoor smartphone at a very affordable price. The outdoor smartphones sold at such affordable prices are Ulefone Armor X6.

Despite its affordable price, Ulefone Armor X6 is in no way a decline in quality. And it can even be said a little better than most outdoor smartphones.

As an outdoor smartphone, Ulefone Armor X6 can certainly pocket many resilience certifications.

Some of the durability certifications that this Ulefone Armor brings in X6 are like IP68/IP69K and also MIL 810 STD.

The 2 certifications indicate that Ulefone Armor X6 is completely dustproof, waterproof, and has also passed various endurance tests with military standards.

For the problem of water resistance, the Ulefone Armor X6 is even able to be immersed in water with a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without worrying about damage.

In addition, for its durability from dust, Ulefone Armor X6 can also survive buried in the sand for 24 hours without the need to be afraid of damage.

On the screen, this Ulefone Armor X6 can already be seen as an outdoor smartphone. The screen size carried by Ulefone Armor X6 is just 5 inches away.

The panels that are immersed in it are also only IPS LCD. However despite using only the IPS LCD panel, this Ulefone Armor X6 already supports HD resolution.

And not only that, in addition to having a scratch-resistant screen, the Ulefone Armor X6 also has a highly responsive touchscreen, even it can still be touched when you use gloves.

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