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If you like to shoot video on a smartphone, you probably know this "shake-hands effect" when even the slightest movement turns into a video in a visibly shaking. This is especially common when shooting in motion. The newest flagship smartphones have been getting an optical stabilization system for several years, which has slightly corrected this situation. But to the budget models, as well as many devices from the middle segment, this "chip" did not reach. And even where she is, she won't do a miracle. Shake hands, of course, it will remove, but during active movement in space (walking, running, driving on a bumpy road) will not save 100 percent.
Snoppa M1
Snoppa M1
That's where the individual stabilizers, which are also called "gimbals" - a trait from the English gimbal, i.e. "gimat suspension", on this principle and based devices. They have several electric motors (usually three - by the number of main axes), which in a constant mode compensate for the rotation each on its axis. Thanks to their simultaneous work, the smartphone is smoothly moved in a space that does not depend on small vibrations.

Snoppa M1 Manual :

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Now there are many offers of such devices on the market, but most of them are quite clumsy construction, occupying a large volume. The Snoppa M1 is an attempt to create a more compact folding stabilizer that can be easily thrown into a bag or even in a pocket, and if necessary, decompose and get a full three-axis stabilization. Today we will try to understand how successful this attempt was.

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