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Authorized Agent KANDAO Jue Co., LTD. Provides the launch and introduction service of the 360-degree video conferencing camera  "Kandao Meeting " for the company.
Kandao Meeting
Kandao Meeting
Kandao Meeting is a 360 ° video conferencing camera that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. The "speech recognition" and "face recognition" functions recognize and focus on speakers in real-time. Simply connect the Kandao Meeting to your laptop via USB and share your meeting space in 360 ° in real-time. Recognize the faces and voices of meeting participants using AI technology.

Kandao Meeting Manual

Description Kandao Meeting - User Manual
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Description Kandao Meeting - Tutorial Video Quick Start
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Compatible with meeting software such as Skype, Cisco, WebEx, Zoom, Slack, GoTo Meeting. It supports USB 2.0 and can be used on a PC that supports USB 2.0 or higher USB standards. With the plug-and-play function, this can be recognized as a Web camera by simply connecting it to a computer via USB, so there is no need to install complicated software and drivers.

Equipped with two cameras with a single resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels. By generating about 8K-video equivalent in full HD 1080P, the higher quality 360 ° video conferencing camera is said to be realized. Equipped with eight omnidirectional microphones, it captures a sound of 360 ° in a distance of about 4m clearly.

When not using Kandao Meeting, the camera unit can be stored inside the camera. The camera Unit is physically stored and power is turned off. Its body size is 126mm x 126mm x 285mm and weighs about 1.5 kg. Accessories include the camera body, power adapter, and USB cable.

Jue will also be offering Kandao meeting lending service as an introduction service Kandao meeting for companies and companies so that users can check if it can be used with any currently used meeting software before buying Kandao meeting. In addition, it offers the arrangement, installation, and installation of KANDAO meetings on-site as an option for users who feel uncomfortable about settings, installation, and installation.

Kandao meetings can also be purchased individually on the KANDAO Web store. The selling price in the company Web store is ¥84,480 tax incl.

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