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Fujifilm SP-3 SQ is the first portable Fujifilm printer that can print 1:1 format photographs in Instax Square film paper. Well, do not want to miss Canon finally presents its competitors through the announce printer Selphy Square QX10.

Canon SELPHY Square QX10 User Manual :

Description Canon SELPHY Square QX10 User Guide (pdf)
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Canon SELPHY Square QX10
Canon SELPHY Square QX10
Portable talk printer A commonly used print technology is ZINK or print without ink technology. This print technology has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages, users do not have to bother to change the ink because for printing photos only required film paper in particular. The drawback is that the color of the photo prints is usually not very detailed and can fade over time.

Canon has also launched a portable printer with ZINK technology that is Canon Mini Photo Printer. However, in Selphy Square QX10 Canon left ZINK's print technology and switched to dye-sub or sublimation-color printing technology using ink bands.

In principle, these two technologies have the same working principle of requiring heat to print. Only in ZINC technology is simpler because the printer only needs to drain heat into the photo paper for printing. Meanwhile, the printer sublimation color print technology drains heat into the ink ribbon to print on the photo paper.

As a result, photo prints with sublimation color printing technology are superior with sharper results and brighter colors. In order to keep the photo prints quality, the Selphy Square QX10 photo Paper has also been coated with a special coating that allows the prints of splashing waterproof photos and will not fade up to 100 years.

The Canon Selphy Square QX10 supports the Selphy Square XS-20L photo paper which is 68 x 68 mm in size. This photo paper has been equipped with stickers, so it can be easily pasted anywhere.

To print a single photo of the Selphy Square QX10 takes about 43 seconds. Meanwhile, the battery can print up to about 20 photos for one recharge.

For other features the Canon Selphy Square QX10 has been equipped with WiFi and supported by the Canon Selphy Photo mobile app. The application provides a variety of features such as stickers, frames, filters to create text for creativity.

The Canon Selphy Square QX10 is sold at a price of US $150. Color options available are black, pink, green and white. Meanwhile, the price of a single package of ink and paper Selphy Square XS-20L cost US $15.

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