V-Coptr Falcon User Manual

V-Coptr Falcon User Manual - The drones that we know so far are generally quadcopter, aka flying on four-rotor pieces. That's why this one drone looks so unique. Named after V-Coptr Falcon, its sanctity ability is created through a pair of rotors that stretch like bird wings.
The developers, Zero Zero Robotics (who also created a drone of a book called Hover Camera), took the aircraft Bell's Boeing V-22 Osprey as an inspiration. If a quadcopter drone generally tilts its body forward to move forward, V-Coptr only needs to tilt-rotor both.

Then what are the advantages of this kind of bi-copter design? The first is a more aerodynamic design, followed by a more efficient power consumption given the number of fewer drilling systems. In a single charge, V-Coptr was claimed to be able to air up to 50 minutes nonstop, almost twice as long as the majority of other drones.

While on air, V-Coptr can detect and avoid objects that block itself thanks to a pair of front-camera with a Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) system. The Autofollow feature also allows it to fly following the selected objects accurately. Its signal transmission is believed to reach a distance of up to 7 kilometers.

Its photographic and videography capabilities are supported by a Sony-powered 1/2.3-inch sensor and an F/2.2 lens that sits atop 3-axis dreadlocks. In addition to taking 12-megapixel photos, it is also ready to record 4K video 30 fps, 2, 7K 60 fps or 1080p 120 fps. The catch is automatically saved into the internal storage of 8 GB, but the consumer can also add a microSD card up to a capacity of 256 GB.

In addition to manually flown using the remote control, the V-Coptr, which is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, certainly offers a number of semi-automatic modes to produce footage with a variety of cinematic effects.

V-Coptr Falcon currently on display at CES 2020 event is planned to be marketed starting in February. The price is pegged $999, quite affordable when compared to a wide-range drone DJI Mavic 2.

V-Coptr Falcon User Manual

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