Insta360 ONE R User Manual PDF

  • Insta360 ONE R User Manual PDF

While the 360 camera manufacturer focuses on increasing the resolution, Insta360 ONE R Manual takes a different path on its new generation flagship device. The One R announced at the CES today is a modular action camera type, a.k.a. Unloading plug, with the idea that you can swap between 360 camera modes with a wide-angle camera mod or the other one that suits your needs. More than that, advanced users can choose from a high-quality 1-inch 5.3-inch sensor built in conjunction with Leica, his first collaboration for INSTA360.

The fully assembled One R consists of three parts: a camera, a body (with a touch screen), and a battery. The body is designed in such a way that you can install it in both directions, which is useful for selfie moments. As for the battery, you can use Boosted Battery Base, which is equipped with twice as large capacity. One R has an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating (depth of up to 5 meters), and you can attach additional cases if you want to take a deeper dive.

One R has the latest image signal processor, so even though the 360 camera mode offers the same 5, 7K resolution as the older One X, InstaOne says photos and videos are much better than the previous device. In particular, One R comes with a second generation of its already excellent FlowState stabilization, with a significant increase in performance to take pictures in low light. There's also the new "Super Night Mode " For shooting at night, plus more efficient H. 265 video encoding and improved HDR algorithm.

For those who like to attach an action camera to the helmet, it will be more pampered with the "point to Track" feature, so when the video brand points the arrow of the frame to the subject you want and will automatically produce the shot that follows the issue.

One R is also available to be paired to other devices such as DRONES. The variant  "Aerial Edition " One R lets you install a 360 camera mod on two parts at the top and bottom of the drone using a particular frame.

Insta360 One R User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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