Feiyu AK4500 User Manual Guide (PDF)

  • Feiyu AK4500 User Manual Guide (PDF)

China's gimbal manufacturer, FeiyuTech, has just released four new devices aimed at photographers using mobile phones, mirrorless cameras, DSLRS and those who want to photograph timelapse.

Feiyu AK4500 User Manual The design of a detachable gold ratio leverage section allows dreadlocks to be more practical, making dreadlocks even more powerful! The double-form free switching increases The chances of dreadlocks doing the Shooting as you wish.

To be the lightest dreads of DSLR, AK4500 weighs only 1.6 kg with its ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy. A new generation of the motor without brushes with the strong magnetic field and high torque is very powerful. The maximum charge is 4.6 kg which is considered the largest payload in 3kg class dreadlocks. AK4500 can easily accommodate all the popular DSLRS on the market, high performance beyond your imagination.

Being able to control dreadlocks at all times is paramount for photographers. The AK4500 is equipped with an LCD touch screen that allows you to set almost all the gimbal parameters directly, as well as the camera parameters, without the application.

Connect the camera to dreadlocks, the operation will be more convenient. You can replace the screen by sliding it to the left and right, and easily adjust the settings of the camera parameters such as ISO, white balance, and so on.

Feiyu AK4500 Manual User Guide

Description Feiyu AK4500 Gimbal Instruction Manual
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