DNP QW410 User Manual

DNP QW410 User Manual - The latest printers among the most compact and lightweight printers are available in today's global marketplace. Weighing less than 13lbs and its compact size is only 8  "W x 7.75 " H x 9.5  "D, QW410 is perfect for mobile photo booth operations! The new photo printer is our smallest and light printer.

The QW410 is equipped with an innovative mechanism that reduces mold curvature, even while retaining smaller and compact footprints. The flat lay printing function will be activated automatically depending on the amount of paper left on the reel.

This new Printer uses an exclusive 4.5-inch print head to allow consumers to now print a photo of a width ratio of 16:9. By eliminating the need to crop a wide format image to a traditional 3:2 (4x6 ") ratio the consumer can retain the entire image.

Photo printers reduce power consumption by approximately 28% compared to DS-RX1HS, about 35% compared to DS620A. As a result, battery-powered operations can be extended for longer periods of time.

DNP QW410 Manual :

Description DNP QW410 User Manual Guide (pdf)
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