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Snoppa Vmate User Manual - Through the DJI Osmo Pocket successfully created a revolutionary 4K camera that is not only very compact but also directly equipped with 3-axis dreadlocks. Well, adopting the concept of a similar manufacturer from China, Snoppa, released its competitors which were named Vmate.

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In the design sector, Snoppa Vmate comes with a design at a glance similar to the Osmo Pocket. Its camera module comes with a 1/2.3-inch sensor attached directly to the 3-axis gimbal with a very compact overall dimension. In fact, this camera can get into your pants pocket very easily. However, for its feature, Snoppa Vmate offers a series of features that you can't find on DJI Osmo Pocket.

First, the Vmate lens can rotate 90 degrees to allow the user to take a picture in a vertical or horizontal position. Second, the camera module's motion is horizontal as well as more freely that is up to 400 degrees. Meanwhile, the Osmo Pocket is limited to 280 degrees only. The last difference is connectivity. Snoppa Vmate relies on WiFi and USB Type-C connectivity to connect to smartphones. Snoppa also complements it with Bluetooth so you can connect it to a wireless earbuds or headphones.

Snoppa Vmate and DJI Osmo Pocket can equally record video up to 4K resolution. But, Vmate promises better video record quality with a 200Mbps bitrate output, while the Osmo Pocket is only 100Mbps. Not only that, Vmate can also record slow-motion video up to 240fps in Full HD resolution, Osmo Pocket is only 120fps. To photograph Vmate can produce photos in 12 megapixel resolution.

Snoppa Vmate will be available in January 2020 with retail price of US $334. But, this camera can already be pre-ordered through the site Indiegogo with a selling price of only US $199.

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