SJCam SJ9 Strike User Manual PDF

SJCam's action camera manufacturer has just introduced its two newest products. The new Unit is known as SJ9 Strike manual and SJ9 Max. These two action cameras have the advantages of wireless charging. This advantage becomes the first time the action camera has.

Updates to this SJCam camera can be seen from the body. Yes, SJCam SJ9 is equipped with a waterproof body, even without the waterproof case. These two cameras can be invited to swim with a depth of 10 meters. It is something that is newly used by SJCam.

But of course, there will still be a waterproof case offered. Because by using the casing, the SJCam SJ9 camera can be consulted up to a depth of 30 meters. Just to get the waterproof case, you need to spend more because it is not included in the sales package.

Then as you can see above, these two cameras use Sony's sensors. The SJCam SJ9 Strike camera uses the same IMX377 sensors as Xiaomi Yi 4K, while the SJ9 Max uses the cheaper Sony IMX177 sensors.

With the use of different sensors, of course, the image Capture format is also different. For SJ9 Strike, you can use the 4K form at 30fps but use the Gyro. Unlike the SJ9 Max camera, which in 30fps can use 4K format without using Gyro. So, the result of the image is a more stable SJ9 Strike.

One of the things that make the SJ9 series different from other SJCam action cameras is the advanced features that are implanted. Such as the ability for live streams to be owned, so you can upload videos directly to YouTube or Facebook.

Also, you can wirelessly recharge your battery. It is the latest technology embedded in the action camera. You can restore the battery without having to plug the cable into the camera.

Sjcam SJ9 Strike User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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