Sjcam SJ8 Air/Plus/Pro User Manual PDF

An action camera capable of recording 4K is not always priced at an expensive price. If you need a camera with these specifications, one of the options that are priced quite affordable is SJCAM variant SJ8 Plus.

This one action camera was already long released, around the end of 2017 then. But the specifics are still relevant for you to use now. Moreover, at an affordable price, you can get it easily and take it to record the moments of your adventure.

The specification of SJCAM SJ8 Plus is quite interesting. Indeed, this Plus version is in the middle, so lower than its twin brother titled Pro. But SJCAM SJ8 Plus specificity itself is high enough to record your various activities in the wild.

This action camera uses the Novatek NT96683 chipset which allows it to process videos in 4K format. Meanwhile, the sensor used is Sony IMX117 with a resolution of 12 megapixels. This is one of Sony's flagship sensors that are also used by GoPro Hero 4 action cameras.

The SJ8 Plus Optics section uses a 7G lens, it includes 2 aspheric lenses which are useful for correcting spherical aberration and reducing the optical aberration effect. Both effects are the disorder that appears in the results of shooting or recording, among other things in the failure to achieve focus, comma-shaped light, or blur with horizontal and vertical patterns.

This camera has a standard screen size, in the range of 2.33 inches with UHD resolution and is made from an IPS panel. But the screen is quite responsive so it's a separate value because it will make you can operate smoothly. The resolution is also good enough to peep your lips. On the front, there are other smaller screens, which are 0.96 inches in size and are made of OLED panels.

The battery capacity of SJCAM SJ8 Plus can be fairly large and removable, making it easy to replace with spare batteries. The battery has a total capacity of 1,200 mAh. SJCAM promises battery capacity to supply up to about 100 minutes (video recording (4K) in WiFi conditions are off and the screen is locked

Although the price includes cheap, SJCAM SJ8 Plus has a lot of interesting features. Most notable is the ability to record images in 4K resolution (3840 × 2160) 30 fps. This resolution gives the image a nicer look, and is usually just a camera that tends to be more expensive.

In addition, you can also record in another resolution, which is 2.7 K (2720X1520) 60fps; 1080P (1920 × 1080) 120fps; 720P (1280 × 720) 240fps. The Video was recorded in MP4 format (H264/H265). The results of the recording are refined with the presence of electronic image stabilization (EIS) which dampens the effect of shock.

SJ8 Plus also has a fairly complete selection of recording modes. You can select it after your wishes, such as Video Lapse, Slow Rec, Photo Lapse, Burst Mode, Video + Photo Mode, Car Mode, and FPV Mode.

While other settings feature Antra consist of language menu, WiFi, Format, Auto Power Off, Screen Saver, Keypad Tone, Brightness, Color Temperature, Date-Time, Gimbal Control, and Frequency.

The other attraction is the completeness that you can simultaneously with the SJCAM SJ8 Plus. There are two different package options, a small package that only contains a camera, a charging cable, and a manual book. Or full package which contents complete with additional 1 x Waterproof Housing, 1x Quick Release Buckle, 1 x Handlebar Seat post-Mount, 1 x Curved Adhesive Mount, 1 x Flat Adhesive Mount, 2 x 3M Adhesive Tape, 1 x Universal 1/4 "Camera Tripod Mount, 1 x Tripod Mount Adapter, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1 x Type-C Cable.

Sjcam SJ8 Air/Plus/Pro User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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