SJ Gimbal 2 User Manual PDF

  • SJ Gimbal 2 User Manual PDF

The SJCAM Actioncam manufacturer launches the latest version of dreadlocks, a tool to balance the camera.

SJ Dreadlocks 2 Simple, and recording images more smoothly towards the object.

SJ Gimbal 2 manual appeared with the camera Actioncam SJCAM 7 Star as one of the best cameras in the year 2018.

And can be used for other cameras from GoPro Hero, Xiaomi Yi Cam or Sony RXO.

Repair SJCAM Gimbal 2 or the second model using a brushless motor capable of 4 different functions.

Basic Follow Mode is the default mode, a smooth rotation on the horizontal line. Dreadlocks will balance the direction of the handles at one fixed angle.

Make the dreadlocks in one direction. And the setting direction is set a joystick.

Dreadlocks will follow the grip direction as the direction of the object, and the position rises.

By pressing 2x on the mode button. Then the direction of the camera will turn to the person holding. This feature is perfect for vlogs circles to take more stable shots towards the face.

Unlike traditional servo gimbals. The Brushless motor design in SJ Gimbal 2 can spin smoother and react instantaneously when the owner sets the direction or the presence of movement.

SJ Gimbal 2 has a 3-angle position, with a range of 320 up down-320 left-right direction and upward direction to 640 degrees.
The 3rd part of the motor helps to reduce vibration when the camera is carried with a hand.

SJ Dreadlocks 2 uses battery power, it can work for 6 hours.

Battery Power in the gimbal device can charge the battery on the SJCAM camera. Camera controls can be controlled with smartphones using a Bluetooth connection with the SJCAM Zone app.

SJ Gimbal 2  User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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