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Ezviz S5 Plus User Manual - As a new child in the camera market the presence of the EZVIZ S5 action in our opinion can not be underestimated. Ease of use, reliable photo and video results, a fairly complete feature, and a very complete sales package make EZVIZ S5 eligible to be purchased and able to compete with other more popular action cameras.

EZVIZ S5 is according to us suitable for the capital of the travel bloggers or those of you who are looking to switch using an action camera that is more practical and easy to carry anywhere to capture the holiday moments in the form of videos or photos.

Current action cameras are still not quiet enthusiasts. In fact, it is now very easy to encounter action cameras from various manufacturers offering a wide range of features and very varied prices. Our editorial office was the arrival of a tiny action camera from the manufacturer of EZVIZ. If you are not already aware of EZVIZ, EZVIZ is a sub-brand of Hikvision which is the largest CCTV manufacturing company in the world.

As with most action cameras, the EZVIZ S5 comes with a very tiny body design. The body width is only 58mm tall and around 45mm in height. The weight is also only about 99.7 grams.

You won't find many buttons on the body. At the top, there's only the shutter button to take a photo or start a video recording. On the right side of the body are 2 buttons which are the power buttons which can also be used to select the modes and buttons to access the camera settings. All these buttons are large so it is guaranteed that you will not find any difficulties when pressing all the keys.

The EZVIS S5 has a 2-inch IPS LCD touch screen whose resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. The screen is adequate enough to present the results of photos or videos. Unfortunately in lighting conditions, a very bright screen is quite difficult to see. However, the screen response with a finger touch is very good.

To maximize the shooting, in addition to being able to shoot and capture the video EZVIZ S5 has also been equipped with Burst mode for continuous shooting and Timelapse mode. You can also enjoy shooting in slow motion but this option is limited to HD 720P or WVGA resolution only.

If you want a vacation with the EZVIZ S5, we certainly strongly recommend carrying a spare battery. The reason, its 900mAh-capacity battery is relatively small so it is fairly fast to run out. From our testing when used for shooting at a resolution of 2.7 K the battery is still usable for about 1 hour. If you want more economical you can choose to record video in Full HD Reoslusi and disable the EIS feature.

Ezviz S5 User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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