Zhiyun Smooth 4 User Manual PDF

  • Zhiyun Smooth 4 User Manual PDF

Zhiyun smooth 4 manuals, one of the manufacturer dreadlocks stabilizers that is a massive competitor of DJI, also does not want to lose. This is evidenced by the presence of Zhiyun Smooth 4 which comes with a series of more innovative features than Osmo Mobile 2.

Zhiyun designed the Smooth 4 by adopting the design and features of Crane 2 which is its flagship gimbal for DSLR cameras.

Compared to its rival version, Zhiyun Smooth 4 comes with a new design that looks more premium and claimed to be more comfortable digenggaman hand. Its navigation buttons are also redesigned for more ergonomics, making it even easier to access frequently used functions and modes.

The unique design of the clip allows Smooth 4 to be easily folded and to travel and shorten the time of preparation. You can still use it in vertical or horizontal mode.

One feature that deserves a thumbs-up, Smooth 4 comes with a focus-setting wheel or a focus wheel like Crane 2. The first feature in this smartphone gimbal will allow you to adjust the focus movement manually when shooting. You can zoom in, zoom out for close-up shots, or create a "Dolly Zoom" effect like a professional-grade videographer more easily.

Carrying the jargon of the Born for Mobile Filmmakers, Zhiyun Smooth 4 can be organized and controlled through all its navigation buttons. Thus you can focus on taking pictures without the need to touch the screen of the smartphone to make settings.

Zhiyun also completed her with PhoneGo mode. In this mode, the Smooth 4 motor performance will be optimized instantaneously to adjust the movement faster. Such as being used when walking, running or shooting from fast-moving vehicles like cars or motorcycles.

In addition, Smooth 4 is still equipped with various modes of more creative shooting techniques such as timelapse, moving timelapse, motion lapse and many more.

Another addition to the Object tracking feature in Smooth 4 also gets updates. According to Zhiyun, the Object Tracking feature in Smooth 4 Now more precisely recognizes the face.

Smooth 4 is powered by a battery that can last up to 10 hours. Equipped with a USB Type-C port You can also reload the battery with a power bank in the emergency.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 sold at a price of US $139 with 2 color options of black and white. The price is indeed slightly more expensive than the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 which is sold for US $129.

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