Zhiyun CRANE-M2 User Manual Guide (PDF)

Zhiyun CRANE-M2 User Manual - With the rise of video content creators, the popularity of camera stabilizers, also called dreadlocks, continues to climb. Not only for cameras, dreadlocks that can be used with smartphones and tiny action cameras also emerge.

Unlike most dreadlocks that can only accommodate one or two types of video-recording devices only, Zhiyun CRANE M2 can be used for 4 devices at once. This Gimbal can be used with a compact camera, a small mirrorless camera (with a maximum weight of 720 grams), a smartphone, and an action camera.

Despite its compact size, Zhiyun equipped a powerful motor to handle multiple devices or scenarios. The handle has an OLED display, control keys, and a joystick to control the direction of the gimbal. The OLED CRANE M2 screen is handy. On this screen, you can see the gimbal mode, Bluetooth status and WiFi, battery level, and other vital parameters.

Zhiyun CRANE M2 is also easy to stabilize, with the presence of device position memory lock to facilitate when switching between different devices quickly. This pin design and gimbal hook can prevent the wick from swinging during storage. This allows Crane-M2 to be folded and locked soon as it gets saved into a bag or pocket.

Three basic modes have M2 CRANE, namely Pan Follow (PF), Follow (F), and Lock (L). In addition to these 3 usage modes, the Vortex mode is available for 360-degree shots, POV Full Range for 360-degree synchronization in 33 axes, Go Mode to capture fast-moving subjects, as well as selfie modes that are suitable for vloggers.

Unlike the previous CRANE M series, Zhiyun CRANE M2 has been equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. That way, you don't need a cable to connect it to the camera you want to control. Zhiyun has also provided the ZY Play app, which offers more natural control and setup functions, such as Timelapse and Panorama.

For batteries, Zhiyun CRANE M2 will be usable for up to 7 hours. Considering that the battery is internal, you can only use one battery that can, fortunately, be recharged with a power bank.

Zhiyun CRANE-M2 User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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