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Instax Square SQ20 manual - Photokina 2018 's high-end photographic theme, which was livened up by a mirrorless full-frame variant, to a monster-censored prototype was also apparently contagious to a class of ' retro photography '. In that realm, Fujifilm Instax is one of the favorite choices of consumers. And the current incarnation of the Fuji Instant camera has features that are not in the previous generation.

After introducing the nostalgia-themed analog camera Instax Square SQ6 in May of yesterday, Fujifilm this time unveils the successor of the instant camera of Instax Square SQ10 hybrid. SQ10 had been stealing consumer attention with the ability to save image files before it was printed on film paper, and this time, his brother named Instax Square SQ20 was able to record video.

Instax Square SQ20 allows users to record 15-second videos. For users of modern gadgets, the shortest time does not look impressive. But the interesting capability of SQ20 is that it lets you use those video clips to create new photo effects. Furthermore, you can edit them further and print photos directly from the camera.

The manufacturer also affixed a new feature called Motion Mode. With it, you are welcome to find the best moments in the video for print. The Mode is supported by the Sequence function to create a shaded/moving effect, and alternatively, you can add a strip film-style frame or apply a retro-style effect to the old movies.

For the still photo function, you can find a familiar option such as standard mode, Bulb, Double Exposure, Split, Collage (bringing up multiple images on one frame), as well as Time Shift Collage (showing four photos of the same object at different times). Fujifilm also provides no less than ten different types of filters, as well as giving us the freedom to highlight specific colors, adjust the brightness level, to apply a vignette effect.

Compared to Square SQ10, SQ20 specifications have been upgraded and downgraded. This newer hybrid diamond camera carries a smaller sensor than its sister, a 1/5-inch size (SQ10 equipped with a 1/4-inch sensor). The lens section is roughly identical, has an aperture of f/2.4, but the size of the 1./4-inch sensor affects the reduced field of view. As compensation, SQ20 has a digital zoom capability of four times. This feature was first present in the Instax camera.

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