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  • Insta360 Go Action Cam User Manual PDF
The Insta360 action cam manufacturer has just introduced an exciting camera. Named Insta360 Go, it is interesting because of its small dimensions. As a capsule, it only weighs 18 grams. The body is also designed to be waterproof with IPX4 certification.

Not only is it very compact, but Go also comes with three efficient mounting types. The first is the Magnet Pendant, which allows the user to paste Go on his shirt to establish a recording from a first-person perspective.

The second is Easy Clip, which can be clipped to various types of clothing and is ideal for accompanying sports activities. Lastly, there's a Pivot Stand that can be pasted onto a variety of flat surfaces, as well as adjustable angles as needed.

Operating Go also feels easy, even if it is not equipped with a screen at all. Simply press the button under the lens once, then Go will start recording a video with a maximum duration of 15, 30, or 60 seconds, depending on the user-defined settings. Several more specific recording modes are also available, including Hyperlapse and slow-motion modes.

This f/2.1 lens is equipped with a video in the maximum resolution of 2720 x 2720 pixels and 25 fps speed. Users are given the freedom to choose an aspect ratio between 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16. Special, Go is also equipped with FlowState stabilization technology such as Insta360 One X, which works as well as similar results like HyperSmooth's GoPro technology.

But it seems to me that the most special is how Go move the results of the recordings to a smartphone. Go comes together with a charging case, and the charging case has a Lightning connector at the end. Just put Go on the charging case, plug it into Your iPhone/iPad, then all recorded videos will be automatically transferred.

For Android users, they can connect Go with their charging case using a USB-C cable. In one-time charging, the Go battery is believed to be enough to record up to 200 video clips. Then the question, should be 200 such a clip should be moved to the smartphone? Uploaded one by one to social media? Certainly not.

Armed with the capabilities of the AI, Go Companion app will create a compilation of the best video clips that we have recorded, then ' extract ' them into a single video ready to be exhibited to the public. Of course, users are also welcome to edit manually if you want.

Basically, the premise offered by Go is so that the user can focus on recording and not miss any exciting moments. Editing matters, just trust the app's automation.

Insta360 Go User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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